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There is a new development on NPOWER NPVN PORTAL. 2016 and 2017 beneficiaries can Now edit their Personal data information like date of birth, phone number, Name or spelling mistake and email. However, before you edit you you will be asked to provide a reason for Editting your information after you click edit on a particular section you wants to edit.
Another development is that Exit/Resign button has also been added on the portal probably for those who wish to RESIGN to do so without going through a long process but we are not certain about the resign button yet because that might also be there for the preparation for the exit of 2016 beneficiaries by November/ December this year.
By clicking on the RESIGN icon on the top right corner of the portal which is marked with a RED INK. You are on your way out. So if you have nothing to do with the resign button, stay away from it.

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